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Who we are...?

SIVRA is a professionally managed Software solution provider specialized in providing ground Breaking IT solutions and services. The company concentrates on providing Intelligence Solutions and has highly qualified engineers of vast expertise coming from various Technical backgrounds. The focal point of this firm is to attain satisfaction of the customers by catering to their varied technical needs.

SIVRA provides a secure zone for the customers, maintaining the confidentiality of the products and projects being handled by the company. The company has its own business ethics that has to be followed by its employees and it has a stringent code of conduct on performance. SIVRA ensure that anything and everything that is delivered to the customer is a zero defect product within the specified timeline.

How we are doing...?
Quality is the key factor of SIVRA that drives it to the pinnacle of glory. It foresees the extensibility,extendibility, adaptability, availability, flexibility, sustainability and maintainability of the produc ts or projects even before its design. A separate panel is made available to perform usability testing and outbox testing to achieve phenomenal effect.

SIVRA provides a strategic Project Management Plan that can analyze factors like RISK, technical limitations, and cost effectiveness at the initial phase of the project. As there is a process being maintained there is NO opportunities for flaws. It enchants the customer by its value added services in the product being delivered.

We, at SIVRA. firmly believe that technology has key role in achieving strategic business goals and gaining an edge in this highly competitive global environment. Hence, our focus has always been to use the best technologies and deliver high end Business Software Solutions to our clients, which would help them accomplish their business goals. SIVRA. further believes in an uncompromising commitment to client needs, explicit as well as implicit, and ou r clients are always delighted .